How to reset wordpress password using phpMyadmin

Hello! Today we will learn one way to reset wordpress password using phpMyadmin.

When to Reset WordPress Password

  • forgot username or email address
  • lost access to your wordpress website
  • password reset feature of wordpress is not working properly
  • some other reasons which prevents you from logging in

Steps to Reset User Password

  1. Headover to cPanel and login.
  2. Headover to file manager –> public_html. Navigate on wordpress installation that need to gain access. If you only have one website that would be public_html, the root directory. If you got multiple ones, make sure to navigate on the right folder.
  3. Look for wp-config.php. Right click and select view. Then take note of the database name.
  4. Go back to cPanel home.
  5. Select phpMyadmin. Look for the database name at the left side pane.
  6. Click the database name.
  7. Scroll down and look for xxx_users, and then just click it.
    Note: The prefix xxx might differ from website to website. All you have to remember is _users. Its function is to show the existing usernames.
  8. Once you select the username, hover and click edit. A pop up will show the user_login (name of login) and user_pass (password).
  9. Delete the existing password and type a new password.
  10. Don’t forget to select MD5 (it is on function column) on the preceding column.
  11. Hit GO.
  12. Lastly, test if it works. Login to your wordpress website.

That’s all you have to do. You now have successfully reset your password. Okay, I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let me know on the comments below! Thanks byeee!!!

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