What is Gravatar?

When you create a profile on top Social Media sites (e.g WordPress, Youtube, Gmail Twitter and so on), you should also create a profile on Gravatar.com.

I mean You “SHOULD”. Here is why:

When you visit a site that has Gravatar support that leaves a comment with your email address attached, the site will pull the information on Gravatar.com and displays your gravatar image along with your bio-info in the comments that you have made. This is a great way to market yourself across the web. The good thing is that you only have to change the info in Gravatar.com and it will automatically updates in any place that you leave a fingerprints instantly. For more information please read this.

Just another way to create your Gravatar using WordPress.

  1. Log-in to your wordpress site.
  2. Go to Dashboard, Under “Users” category, click “My Profile”
  3. To change your Gravatar, simply click on the big Gravatar icon found on the right of the screen.
  4. Gravatar.com will open just within wordpress.
  5. Everything should be self explanatory.

    Note: Don’t forget to set a rating for your photo which will be required upon account set-up.

  6. Close the gravatar window, then click “Update Profile”. Notice that you have a new gravatar on your profile.

Check to see if it works?

Visit one of your post and check to see if the new image shows in your profile.

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