Increase email deliverability in your wordpress website (WP SMTP plugin setup)


Hello again! We will solve problems in wordpress not sending emails properly. This is through the plugin called WP SMTP, which sends email instead of the default wordpress mail function. This means that an email will be sent to receiver on your behalf, using the service who already has a good reputation on email servers. Thus giving you a higher chance of delivering the emails.

WordPress email sending problems

The problem is when wordpress sends email to your website email or customers, the server would not receive the email.


It’s because wordpress sends email to the server without identity. It’s like sending letter to somebody without a return address. What happens is that the server would not receive the email because it doesn’t know where it came from.

Thus affects:

  • Alerts
  • Woo commerce orders
  • Password resets
  • Other Plugin related emails


  1. Using a dedicated third party emailing service.
  2. Using a plugin that can send an email on our behalf.

Install a plugin

For now let’s use wordpress plugin, since we are on wordpress. Here are the steps to follow:

Wordpress email plugin

  1. Go to dashboard
  2. Go to plugin
  3. Install plugin
  4. Add new
  5. Search plugin (WP SMTP)
  6.  Install
  7.  Activate

Using a plugin / WP SMTP Setup

  1. Go to settings
  2. Head over to WP Mail SMTP (Settings Email Test Misc)
  3. Select settings and fill up from email (your email)from name(your name) Next is mailer – those are couple of websites like php(default), gmail, mailgun, send grid and other SMTP.Since we have a problem on wordpress email sending, we will not utilize the default php, rather we use the gmail or the other SMTP. But right now. Google should be good enough. Just let me know if you want video for mailgun, send grid and other SMTP.
  4. Then check the Return Path. As we select Gmail, it will ask for client id and client secret.
  5. Head over to the Gmail API. Open up a new tab and paste this url It will ask you to login into your gmail account.
  6. Create a new project and hit continue.
  7. Go to the credentials. Follow these steps below:

    First is find out what credentials you need. wherein you select gmail API, web browser, and user data one by one. Hit the what credentials do I need button.

    Second is create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID. Under name box type in for example wordpress, for the url of the javascript is the url of your website itself, then on the authorized redirect url that would be found down below from the WP SMTP settings. Then click Create Client ID.

    Third is set up the OAuth 2.0 consent screen. Fill up the boxes, the email address and the product name shown to users. Hit continue.

    Lastly, download the credentials. You just have to download the client ID, and hit done.So now, you can see your client ID is already listed in the credentials.

  8. Click the edit button found in the right side of the screen. Just copy the client ID and client secret one at a time.
  9. Go back to the dashboard, the WP Mail SMTP settings. Just paste the client id and client secret one at a time also. Then hit save settings.
  10. Click this button: allow plugin to send emails using your google account. It will ask for your account. Just select the google account you use in the registration. The application will warn you since it was just created, the google hasn’t verified it yet.
  11. For sure that this is safe, just click advanced and go the main website. Then you have to click allow to send email on your behalf.
  12. Go to email test. Send a test email on one of your email and check to see if it will land right there.

Now you successfully authorized Google API to send emails.That’s it!

If you have questions, clarifications  just comment down below! You can also watch the video above for specific information and follow the demo for easier understanding. Okay, until next tutorial, byeee!!

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