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Convert formatted text to HTML

Hello and welcome to the channel! This morning I was talking to a friend and he was asking how to format an HTML. Basically he needs some sort of formatted text and the HTML conversion of that text. I said okay WordPress has that on the text editor. He said no, he needs to put that in existing HTML code. He ended up really having a hard time doing the HTML form of his code. Admit it or not, we sometimes really need to have some sort of HTML although WordPress are giving us those tools. But then again there are instances that really were not working on the editor itself. We just really need to end up creating our own HTML.


I research and I was looking for a tool that can help my friend. I did found this website called wordtohtml.net and basically what it does is you just format your code and it will give you the HTML part of it. Although you can also do this in WordPress and all you need to do is go over in the dashboard. Let’s say you gonna add a new post, you cant type your text and then format everything. Good thing is that you can pretty much do more stuff. Then all you need to do is head over on the text, grab the code, which is the HTML part of that code. But the problem is the WordPress doesn’t add a p tag. Thus, create a bit of a problem if you are dealing with an entire HTML form.

Word to HTML

I decided to find a better way to solve that, and I found this tool wordtohtml. Let’s say we’re gonna add some custom text on the footer of our website. What I need to do is type in the text and then format in anyway you like. Just click the video for reference! After that, all you need to do is just copy the HTML value of the text. As simple as that you got the HTML equivalent. I’m just gonna copy that and we’re just gonna go in the dashboard ,then to the widgets area. Then on the footer, I can easily grab the custom HTML, put that in the footer. Then paste right there, and hit save. Next is we’re gonna visit the website and scroll down to see the formatted text.

convert formatted text to HTML

Okay I hope that helps, if you got any other things that you may want me to cover or if you’re having a hard time on something that you think I can help, then just let me know in the comment below. Thanks!

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