Build your site the same way SUCCESSFUL companies do.

When it comes to web design, there is no need for small or mid-sized companies to attempt to reinvent the wheel. Rather than spending resources developing features of uncertain value, why not build your site in the same way that the most successful companies in your market do?

This is the philosophy behind our web design. We don’t use strange techniques, we don’t get overly artistic. We just build high-quality sites using reliable, solid technology, and an attention to detail and user experience that really makes the difference when it comes to converting traffic to sales.

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Simple and Effective Strategy
based on the evolution of Today’s Web Presence

Our team of expert designers and coders builds modern, responsive websites that fit the needs of your customers, and convert visitors to customers. Not only are the sites reliable and functional, they are attractive and easy-to-use as well.

wasting your time with AMATEURS

When it comes to the world of web design, there are a lot of amateurs out there that talk a good game. However, dealing with amateurs when you need a reliable, professional website often ends up being a huge waste of time, effort, and budget.

If you feel like your current web designers or developers have given you the runaround, and aren’t helping your company turn your web presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse, stop wasting time with the amateurs, and contact a team of real professionals today.

So how can you identify the REAL PROS?

Believe it or not, it’s simpler than you think. Professionals will have a plan for success that they can easily and clearly articulate to you, that just makes sense.

Here is HOW WE DO IT

Free Consultation Analysis

The process begins with a free consultation and analysis. Talk with our team about your concerns and goals, and we’ll offer you an honest opinion on your options absolutely FREE.

Design & Development

If you decide to work with us, we will design and implement a custom solution that fits your needs and budget, using cutting-edge technology, wordpress, and personal expertise.

Rock Solid Support

We continue to support you even after your site is built and deployed. Whether you need technical support, design advice, or marketing expertise, we stand ready to support your business as a partner.

Ever WISH could change elements
on your site at any time?

When you work with us, you can.

We will teach you how to make simple changes on your own site quickly and easily. For more complex work, we stand ready to assist with coding and development work. No request is too large or too small for our team to implement for you.

Do you want the ability to 
fully control your site’s content?

All of our sites come fully equipped with a powerful, modern CMS that can help you both fully realize your content strategy and achieve success in terms of SEO rankings and SERPs.

We’ll show you exactly how to add new content to your site, optimize the metadata, incorporate images or other multimedia content, create testimonials, and manage comments on your blog articles all with a few simple clicks. It’s true that content is king, so step up and take hold of the reigns of your business.

with Real Customer Satisfaction

  • I truly enjoy myFreelance101‘s work and will always continue to come back for more projects in the future. He is very prompt and very easy to work with.

    Terri Clay

  • “I hesitate to do a testimonial because I want to keep these guys to myself!  But the truth is the team at MyFreeLance101 have done incredible work or me.  They understood exactly what I was looking for. Oftentimes the first draft is bang on the money, saving me a bunch of time and getting my projects and those of my clients out to market faster .  I no longer have to suffer the back and forth and the “no do it this way!” of so many other graphic designers I had tried – for me FreeLance101 are keepers!”

    Harry Harris

  • I have gotten such good quality work from myFreelance101 that I only go to him now for my graphic design. I am very happy to have found someone that I can count on!

    Elizabeth Stewart

  • myFreelance101 has done various websites for my online and offline businesses. Let me say that I have hired MANY other graphics and website guys in the U.S. and around the world and NONE of them compare to what he can do and is able to create. He talks what I have explained and then overdelivers on every single website and ebook covers that I request from him. Not to mention he uploads, and builds everything out so I don’t have to do much work. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone else when myFreelance101 is the only “go to” web designer you’ll ever need again. Thanks for making my websites and ebook covers look amazing and pulling in traffic and sales for me!

    Jason Froehlich

  • Even for someone who blogged for several years, setting up my own web platform was a foreign concept for me.  myFreelance101 made all the difference in setting up my website and in designing my logo.  He's easy to get a hold of, communicates his ideas well, and understands what is behind the requests made of him.  I would highly recommend working with him if need something done!

    Karen Morris

  • My experience with myfreelance101 has been absolutely marvelous!! He’s easy to work with and his concepts are very innovative. He’s also fast, which is very important, as we usually are dealing with very fast turnarounds. Highly recommended.

    Barry Payne

Recent Works

Please take a look at some of our most recent projects. We employ only proven, reliable web design and development techniques, and build rock-solid web infrastructure for our wide portfolio of clients.

  • Coloma Spring Suites

    You’ll be one of California’s most charming historical districts and convenient to Union Placerville Cemetery, Fountain and Tallman Soda Works Building, and Bell Tower surrounded by many restaurants, antique stores and charming shopping. The site focuses the beauty of every suite that they market on the area.Visit Site

  • Lindy Chamberlain

    Alice Lynne "Lindy" Chamberlain-Creighton (born 4 March 1948) is a New Zealand-born Australian woman who was at the centre of one of Australia's most publicised murder trials. The site is focused in delivering information that is a really clean and intuitive. Internal structure of the site also has navigation structure after every page entry.Visit Site

  • New Life Irmo

    Build Strong Faith through Relevant Messages, Passionate Worship, and Caring Relationships that will bring healing to your heart and health to your home. The site features a clean and lightweight design.The complex structure of the homepage features some cool functions such as map, video and blog feeds that flows really well on its design structure.Visit Site

  • Gesundabnehmen

    The website is about Health and fitness, primary target was girls in their mid 20's and 30's. It features a really clean magazine style look with feeds from different categories on every section. The feminine look of the site really captures each and every entry of the post.Visit Site

  • FARM Developments

    F.A.R.M stands for Flegler, Alan, Robyn, Matthew, and our background in business is farming. After retiring from banana farming in North Queensland, Alan & Robyn moved to the Gold Coast to settle down and enjoy life at a different pace. Site features really clean design that focuses on marketing different subdivisions.Visit Site

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